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    • Brescia University is currently unable to admit students into the MSW program from Iowa while our program is in pre-candidacy status with the Council on Social Work Education.  Please contact BUonline with any questions.
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    • Please enter every college and university where you earned your last sixty credit hours towards your undergraduate degree.  Click the "Add Another Response" link in the bottom right corner to add another school.
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  • In order to complete your application to the Master's of Social Work program at Brescia University, please attach the following documents:
    • Personal Statement - Please address the following topics in three to four pages:  (a) your ability to use distance learning technology and preferred learning style; (b) your motivations for applying to an MSW program and your career goals; (c) examples of how your personal values are congruent with the values of the social work profession; (d) an example of when you sought supervision or consultation to resolve a difficult situation, and (e) how you intend to manage your time in this rigorous program, including field placements at least two days a week.
    • Final Field Evaluation - ADVANCED STANDING STUDENTS ONLY - Please provide a copy of your final field evaluation from your undergraduate program.
    Documents should be submitted using 12 point Times New Roman font with the essay being double spaced with one inch margins.  Please proofread for issues of spelling, grammar, organization, and clarity of ideas.
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      • Criminal History
        Acknowledgement of a criminal activity is not automatic grounds for denying your application.  Please be aware that some agencies will not accept students in field placements who have a criminal history, past issues with domestic violence (as the aggressor), or abuse of children or vulnerable adults.  Some agencies will require a criminal background check.  Inability to complete the Field Placement component will prevent you from graduating with an MSW.  In addition, you should consult your state/jurisdictional law to determine any effect your past criminal history may have on your ability to become licensed in the state where you intend to work.  We encourage you to discuss any past issues with the Admissions Committee and/or state licensing body.
        Disclaimer Information
        Brescia University's MSW program is not yet accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE).  We are actively working through the accreditation process, which takes three to four years.  Students admitted during or after the academic year in which the program is granted candidacy will be recognized as having graduated from an accredited program.

        I certify that I have read all of the instructions and that I have answered all of the questions completely and truthfully.  I understand that misrepresentation of any portion of this application, including identity, supporting credentials and documents, may be cause for canceling my admission or dismissing me from the program after admittance.

        I understand and agree to follow the NASW Code of Ethics.

        I understand that all credentials and documents that I submit become the property of Brescia University and will not be returned.

        I understand that the program reserves the right to interview any applicant.

        I understand that the MSW Program does not grant academic credit for life experience or previous work experience in lieu of social work courses or field requirements.

        Upon acceptance into the program, I will be required to (a) provide a copy of a non-expired photo ID, and (b) complete a synchronous, online (with webcam), introductory meeting with my advisor or other faculty, which may be recorded for the purpose of authenticating student identity.